CarveTech Gallery
Here are some examples of our work. Mouseover for a description or click on a picture for a full size view and description.
Some of our shop equipment. 4x8 CNC router with 8ft 4th axis (not shown) and a CNC lathe.
5th axis CNC machine
Oval Office Replica Richard Nixon Presidential Library
Nixon Presidential Library fireplace built from CarveTech 3D scanned and CNC reproduced parts. To be faux painted to look like marble.
Oval Office bookcase niche reverse engineer 3D CAD model.
Some of the carved parts for the Richard Nixon Presidential Library
Oval Office rosette carvings
Oval Office reverse engineer parts.
Nixon Presidential Library door headers carved on custom modified CNC for large end milling projects.
3D Reverse Engineering Rising Sun Liberty Chair
Custom CAD and CNC carved decorative fireplace.
Island built from CarveTech carved parts.
Band Organ Project: 3D scanning, CNC machining, and assembling historical band organ front which only 3 models had been made and are all lost in history. Only photo exists and other organs which can be scanned and used to recreate non-existing model. Note: CAD model overlaid in center of the photo.
CAD model of Wurlitzer 166 band organ. Only 3 made all lost in history. Smaller organ 3D scanned and the parts resized and shaped to fit on top of historical photo.
Band Organ Under Construction
Painted band organ awaiting header & instruments.
Band organ assembled and most of the instruments mounted. Additional painting needed.
Band organ in operation
Spiral staircase 3D scanned and CAD model created for CNC machining of handrail parts.
Stair ending and handrail parts 3D scanned, reversed engineered, and handrail connections CNC machined (lighter colored section in the handrail).
Old rotten wood bracket replaced with HDU rot proof brackets.
Ice cream cone 3D scanned and large hard maple cones CNC machined.
3D scanned and reverse engineered playground equipment. Solid models with minimum faces and very small file sizes. Super technology.
Stairs 3D scanned, custom handrail CAD designed, and parts CNC machined.
Custom Handrails & Caps
Choir Seating Carvings
Carved pedestal table leg.
Square Fluted, Square Smooth, and Round Columns. Custom Sizes
Custom 3D scanning and carving for Princeton University.
Custom Knotty Cherry Carved Vanity
CAD models of machine carved  Polyurethane sheets for metal foundry castings. These were carefully researched and modeled as close as possible to actual rusty historical stove parts.
Polyurethane carved plates ready for metal foundry.
Carved Island Leg Detail Photo
Carved Finials
Custom CAD & CNC Carved Cabinet Columns
Custom walnut & hickory corbels
Photo Rendered Custom CAD Model
Carved column and horse head
Custom Handrail Return
Carved plug-in sections to massive oak turning.
Ice cream cone staircase finials
Butternut Spiral Carved Kitchen Island Legs
1 of 150 Custom laser engraving company keepsake toy trains for employees
Massive Exterior Decorative Bracket. (urethane casting of CarveTech carved master copy)
Carved stair risers
Custom Mahogany Island Legs
Arrowhead carvings for Disneyland.
Custom trim with ribbon inlays
Custom carved mahogany staircase newels
Custom sign. Laser cut letters, V-carving, & 3D carved onlay.
Custom Vanity Legs
Custom Mahogany Brackets. These got a dark stain and chocolate glazing.
Custom Square Island Leg
Custom carved mahogany brackets
Custom carved column components Azek material
3D scan and duplicated custom rosette.
Custom grape onlays
Reversed engineered carved bench sides.
12 ft long carve shelf edge
Reverse engineered bench sides
Custom wood hood brackets
Custom Scallop
Custom carved columns. Full size shop/customer printout. All parts over-sized for onsite trimming.
Mini bracket custom CAD modeling & CNC machining. Master copies for part casting.
Custom 3D Scan & Carving
Master Carvings for Castings
Custom Onlay Carvings
Custom Handrail Joints
Custom Carved 3-1/2" rosettes
Chair seat 3D scanned, reverse engineered, and a negative vacuum form machined for manufacturing.
Large order of about 200 custom capitals being processed.
Rotted old wooden bracket replaced with HDU brackets.
Dormer trim carvings. HDU material
Solid Model. Engine cover 3D scanned and reverse engineered.
3D scanned & CNC machined 1/2 scale antique engine metal casting model & core. Fully working engine!
Mini capitals from the 5th axis CNC.
5th axis CAD model ready for programming.
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